The relationship with stakeholders is a vital process in the identification of expectations and emerging issues that may be covered by the strategy of the BANCO NOVO Group. The different procedures of consultation with stakeholders were decisive for the definition of the strategy of this Group in its various dimensions.

The Group’s vision is based on the way in which it interacts with its stakeholders, society as a whole and on the impact it has on value creation. Therefore, the Group laid down guidelines to answer to the expectations of its customers, collaborators, suppliers and communities in which it operates:

Clients Diversification of the range of products and services offered, adapted to the different segments and niche markets, aimed at improving the quality of services provided to the Client;
Employees Continuation of the strategy of talent acquisition and retention, promotion of intellectual capital, allocation of aid under the Internal Programme of Social Responsibility;
Suppliers Strengthening of the central purchasing body, promoting a win-win relationship with this group of stakeholders and broadening the implementation of the Principles of Conduct of Suppliers.

Feedback from the different interested parties is thus essential to continuously improve services provided, using for this purpose a variety of channels enabling the enhancement of the relationship with the different types of stakeholders and the fulfilment of their expectations, to continuously strengthen the trust it conveys.

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