4th Banking and Environmental workshop

Natural Resources, Food and Retail – implications for credit analysis.

As part of the Banking & Environment Project, the 4th workshop for promoters of sustainability in the financial sector was held on February 4th, 2011, under the theme “Natural Resources, Food and Retail – implications for credit analysis”.

Two international speakers participated in this workshop: Ivo Mulder, coordinator of UNEP FI’s Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Water and Financial Services programme; and Richard Burret, currently a partner with Earth Capital Partners LPP and Co-Chair of UNEP FI, who for the last 20 years worked for ABN AMRO in several sustainability related areas.

Other participants in the workshop were a representative from Sonae MC, a Portuguese food distribution company, who explained the reasons that led his company to develop a fishing policy with the cooperation of Greenpeace, and Nuno Oliveira, a researcher with the Instituto Superior de Gestão, who spoke about the importance of the forestry industry for the Portuguese economy, the value added by FSC certification to a forestry project, and the business opportunities that may be found in ecology services.